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Finding environmentally friendly materials, protecting human health and international standards is a continuing concern of many responsible manufacturers around the world.
Tran Thien Nhut is a sculptor working in the field of art for nearly 20 years, he used different materials such as stone, wood, metal, plastic for the creation of his works …
He found that in every material used before, man because of the need to produce, sell, has naturally ignored the aspect of nuisance, destruction of the environment, depletion of resources, and also The consequences of human health.
For this reason, ATELIER SAIGON has been created and launched its activities in the field of design and manufacture of craft lines, interior decoration based on the ecological recycling of “cardboard” material.
Many of us every morning waking up, we hold between our hands a newspaper, a box of food, or buy the day before some industrial products with its cardboard packaging. Often we throw these so-called useless rubbish.
ATELIER SAIGON has organized the recovery of this cardboard material, which is scattered throughout the city in domestic garbage, in supermarkets, collects in its workshop, tempering, mixing and making a puree which becomes the main material of its products.

The advantages of the “cardboard” material:
– The production process does not harm the environment
– No need to exploit natural resources
– Do not spend much time as a material
– No noise,
– No harmful discharge.
– Uses very little electrical energy.
– Simple packing
– Readily biodegradable
– Not harmful to workers and consumers

Creations artworks in limited version were manufactured from the ideas of Tran Thien Nhut, exported to Europe, the states, and received very positive returns from its customers.
Its deep desire, together, go forward, consumers and creator hand in hand, protect the environment.

For us,  work, creativity, community service is bliss.

Best regards!

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Creative Ideas

Original ideas are our main capital. Our motto is: Create, do not copy. We love new projects and are extremely interested in working with other creative people, wether they are, artists, architects, interior decorators etc. We can work on small projects as well as committing ourselves to the development of a long term project.

Eco Materials

Working with clean materials, is not a trend for us, it is a passion. Reinventing uses of carton has been a very enjoyable process. At every step we have been exhilarated by the unbelievable possibilities of carton. We are concerned with durability of our products, using materials that are no health hazard for workers or a risk to the environment.

Working with Artists

Our Ateliers is located in a very active artistic community by the river Saigon. Around us are many sculptors, painters lacquer studios . Art students have their residence less than a hundred meters from us. Collaboration is a way of life for artists who group together to develop a project. In the past years, we have been working with artists from Asia, Europe and America. We would love to offer artists the possibility of a working base in Vietnam.

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